Best Roulette Casinos


With a history dating at least as far as revolutionary France, Roulette is one of the oldest casino table games in the world. Roulette, which takes its name from the French for taking “Little Wheel” remains very popular for many reasons. For one thing, it’s incredibly easy to play the game. Learning how to play roulette only takes a few minutes, and the rest is just pure entertainment.

There are three main variations of Roulette, all offered by most online casinos, of course, including those listed below. The three main types of roulette, are:

European Roulette – This is simply the most popular version of the game, the one around the world played on land and water in the casinos, as well as online. The numbered roulette wheel and table are equipped with a single zero, and a relatively low house edge of 2.5%.
American Roulette – This is a classic variant, with a slight difference from the European strain. The table layout and the wheel has two zeros instead of one as in the other versions. This increases the house edge to 24.5%.
French Roulette – The roulette variant for the country of origin is called, the table and the wheel is the same as in the European version. However, offers, French roulette an advantage for the players by amortize the change to half of their wages by the La Partage rule.

However, there is much more to roulette, than just these three variants of the game. Software developers, and the online casinos they power, now offer dozens of different variations of Roulette, by differences in the table layout or on the type of side bets allowed out. When it comes to software providers, there are quite a number of them out there on the market, but we want to point out, in particular in three areas. These three software vendors stand out by offering exceptional graphics, plenty of different variations on the basic game and a high-quality overall experience:

Microgaming – Known as the largest gaming software provider in the world, MG offers more than 450 casino games, including more than 40 different Roulette variants.
Playtech – One of the closest competitor Microgaming, Playtech began as online poker software developer, but started lately so, casino games, and very high quality games to do so. You will find about 25 types of Roulette in online casinos powered by Playtech.
IGT – The big guns in brick and mortar casinos, IGT is well known for the development of several widely popular slot machines. IGT has become in the online industry as well, and developed unique and entertaining games, including a dozen versions of Roulette.