Best Video Poker Casinos


Video Poker is a computerized game, similar to a slot machine, rules similar to 5 Card Draw features. First five cards; You can choose which cards to hold and exchange for new. Payments are usually awarded when you end up with a poker hand, the boys-hence the name of the most popular video poker variant, Jacks or Better is equal to or more than one pair.

That is, you will find a large number of different video poker games, when you start looking. Wild Cards and bonuses are common, and there are even some progressive games. It all boils down to the software vendor who designs the game: some companies are very innovative. The biggest software providers like Microgaming and Playtech, offers an amazing selection of video poker games, perhaps as many as 30 or 40 different species.

These are the main video poker games that can be found online:
Jacks or Better
All American
Deuces Wild
Double Bonus
Aces and Faces
Tens or Better
Super Jackpot
Bonus Poker Bonus Poker Deluxe &

Apart from the sheer diversity, another reason why video poker is so popular among the gambling enthusiasts is the house edge. Video Poker may be the only large casino game, in which the player to have the advantage over the house, provided that the player plays optimally and depending on the payout structure of the machine. Machine whose payout structure provides a negative house advantage, though rare, can still be found in today’s casino environment.