Pirates Paradise


As the name implies, Pirates Paradise is a Pirate Slots from Microgaming. There is a pub-style game with one payline, three reels and a pay three-column table. Note that there are several other online slots in a classic style, to use the title Pirates Paradise, and all of them have a lot in common. This machine is not distinguished by the authentic spinning action and sound effects that reflect Microgaming experience in developing physical slot machines in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos.

As a true one-armed bandit has Pirates Paradise three spinning reels, and to get the rolls to a stop with the symbols eccentrically from the payline. When setting is the game, the players the option of betting 02:59 coins and the number of coins have determines how rich the payouts. For the most part, the payouts are uniformly scale, but there is a big jump in the jackpot level, the three-coin bet favors. Consider that a $ 0.25 bet has has a maximum jackpot of $ 125, but a $ 0.75 bet a maximum jackpot of $ 625th
Special features

Pirates Paradise offers some features that sets the centerline to help the disadvantage of the symbols that are easy to miss. The first of these is the conch shell symbol paying with only one or two symbols on the payline and three over. The second is the bar any feature that pays off in every three over combination of bar, double bar and triple bar symbols. Third, the game offers a mix-and-match function on the pirate flag, and treasure chest symbols; three whole in any combination provides a payout of at least 40 coins and as many as one hundred and twentieth
Graphics and Audio

Pirates Paradise is a very colorful and lively game, and there is a distinct, cartoonish art style that we have very dedicated. Like most Microgaming Classics, it also has a good slot machine sound effects, and those definitely add to the immersion. Music and sound only during spins play, but so that they do not become repetitive, and if you are automating spins, you always have the option to disable it.

First prize

The Pirates Paradise Jackpot is 500, 1000 or 2500 coins depending on whether one, two or three coins wagered. At the maximum bet of $ 15, which used a $ 5 coins size, is the $ 12,500 jackpot. The smallest bet that the top ratings achieved is $ 0.75, and if you prefer a smaller bet, you are another Microgaming Classics, which find favor this type of bet.
Over all

Pirates Paradise is an energetic game, and that’s what players want to play from the pub style, which is meant fast and furious and without many details it bogging down. Microgaming developed many classic slot machines, but only met a few of them the mark and this does.