Roulette strategy and types of games


Casino Roulette is the most popular and exciting game of chance in the excitement gambling industry to a large number of players and the number of different games for money, but we should not forget about free slots. Two-thirds of the gambling player fan of online roulette, because there is nothing more interesting to play just for the players, as roulette for money. Many players prefer to reduce the risk and excitement in the American classic style.

Roulette game rightly called the “Queen of excitement” because the variety and size of the bet with a variety of options and strategies of the game, anyone who tried at least once in a lifetime to win play money. After the roulette for the first time saw the light and was presented to the public, it always takes the leading position in the world of gambling. After that moment, live roulette online were in any online casino and gambling house.

Uprise of Roulette has been dated to the 19th century in Germany. In these times there was a saying, as if the creator of Roulette, this idea was prompted by the devil. Because if we calculate the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel it is 666, to be the mystic number of the devil.

By the time the game is visited almost all countries of Europe and America and has become the most popular gambling. There are several types of roulette, and each of them has their own individual rules and peculiarities. Check out free versions of this page and find out how to win at roulette. Players will find information about the rules and tips. It’s a great opportunity to create your own strategy.

Types of Roulette
Generally, there are two main types of Roulette European Roulette and American. On the whole, the principle of the game Roulette is one and the same the.

European Roulette is the one that are often met in gambling clubs. It contains a zero and the number on the wheel scattered chaotic. But American Roulette an additional “zero” sector characterized the chances of the casino who always after money. As one of the varieties is French Roulette.

Hereinafter, as the different types of Roulette are detailed.

European Roulette
European Roulette is considered as the first and oldest of all its variants. European Roulette was born in Germany. There is even a legend about the rise of Roulette. As I said, proposed the devil himself, the idea of ??creating a roulette wheel, an entrepreneur of the time. This legend is based on the fact that the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel is 666 based.
Comparing the European Roulette with the American that we can see, the difference is clear. In Roulette from Europe has only a “zero”, and this distinguishes him from his relatives from America. So, to win in this Roulette is much easier. Playing European Roulette is much more interesting when you know that the odds are higher than American Roulette.
European Roulette with his debut won the recognition of the players and to our time, the game is probably the most popular gambling entertainment among players from all over the world.
Also a popular online roulette in all its variants, including American and French Roulette

American Roulette
The main feature of American Roulette is that on the roulette wheel is not one but two of the “zero” sector, which significantly increases the chances of winning of the casino. So the number of sectors in American Roulette is 38, which in turn change the color from red to black.
The order numbers are balanced in a strict order. From the sizes of American Roulette is a bit less than the European. Play Roulette, you can place your bets strictly at the numbers for and by sector and simple odds (color, odd or even).
But for all its peculiarities American Roulette is still not a widespread game. Still in many casinos, the American roulette is considered as additional gambling. What kind of roulette available at the online casino you will choose to play for money, single-handedly.